Project 365: Week 11

Week eleven seems to have been a week of people in the main. Days 67 to 73 look like this for us … Day Sixty Seven A selfie from me with my best fluffy friend, Betsy the Dog! Day Sixty…
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Project 365: Week 10

Days 60 to 66 of 2015 looked like this for us …   Day Sixty Oh, what an evening we had on Sunday. The boys were playing upstairs and – although they are forbidden from jumping on the bed –…
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Project 365: Week 9

Playing catch up as usual, I am looking back over the last three weeks in photos today. Firstly up is week nine which is days 53 to 59 of 2015.   Day Fifty Three We drove over to Chester to…
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Project 365: Week 8

Another week flies by, another link up goes live, another blogger (me) is behind schedule … But at least today I’m writing the post with a chance of linking up, rather than writing it on Tuesday when I didn’t have…
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Project 365: Week 7

I’m late to the Project 365 party again and haven’t linked up to The Boy and Me’s blog, but I’m determined to keep plodding on with this project anyway. Here are days 39 to 45 of 2015.   Day Thirty…
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Project 365: Weeks 5 and 6

I’m moving my project over from my other blog, so although this is the first 365 post I’ve done on That Lancashire Lass, I am actually kind of up to date. I say kind of because this post is actually…
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