Project 365: Week 11

Week 11 collage

Week eleven seems to have been a week of people in the main.

Days 67 to 73 look like this for us …

Day Sixty Seven

A selfie from me with my best fluffy friend, Betsy the Dog!

Day Sixty Eight

If I’m honest, I didn’t even take this. Louis took a selfie on my phone. But it’s my phone, so I’m claiming the rights to the image. What a crazy boy!

Day Sixty Nine

We have been waiting for these as part of a review for over a week. The first pack of worms were lost in transit (goodness knows where they got to!) and so our worms were successfully delivered on Tuesday of this week.

Day Seventy

On Wednesday I went to visit my lovely friend Danni from It Started With a Squish, and her even lovelier daughter, who the internet (and most real life people now) know as Bobs! Isn’t she adorable?

Day Seventy One

The worms could wait no longer so the boys and I set about creating their little habitat. It was a terribly messy affair but I think the boys had fun and now our worms can start making themselves at home.

Day Seventy Two

My friend Jo is 40+1 in her third trimester in this photo (I had to promise to chop off her head) and we were just off out for a night-time dog walk in a feeble attempt to encourage baby to make an appearance. It didn’t work and Jo is still pregnant.

Day Seventy Three

A second selfie from me – aren’t you lucky! My youngest sister sent me some new wine glasses so I took this quick snp to say ‘cheers!’.

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