Project 365: Week 7

I’m late to the Project 365 party again and haven’t linked up to The Boy and Me’s blog, but I’m determined to keep plodding on with this project anyway.

Here are days 39 to 45 of 2015.

Collage 1


Day Thirty Nine

We visited Legoland Discovery Centre during their Ninja Weekend and the boys had a great time making things shake.

Day Forty

I’ve really been looking forward to doing this with the boys. We made magnetic slime! They thought it was both awesome and gruesome, and I’m pretty sure I won some good mum points there.

Day Forty One

There’s something very suspicious about your four year old getting up, washed and dressed before you even see him on a school morning. Rowan was hiding his Manchester United top underneath his uniform! I swear that boy can’t live without that top. I wouldn’t even have noticed if he’d covered his tracks properly and tucked in his collar.

Day Forty Two

Glow in the dark play water. I found this activity on Fun at Home with Kids but had to wait aaaaages for the vitamins to come from overseas. When they did arrive, the kids were impressed! I think I need a bigger blacklight though to make it better still.

Collage 2


Day Forty Three

After Louis won a competition with Not on the High Street, he spent some of his winnings on himself and some on his brother. Rowan’s name crayons arrived this week and he loves them. These would make a great little gift too I think.

Day Forty Four

Rowan’s school assembly. The day before this performance, the children had been to a circus school a few miles away. They all thought it was marvellous and the children put on a performance for the rest of the school and the parents! Rowan was a clown, and this was taken right at the end of the show. I haven’t a clue why he’s doing that weird thing with his shoulders and arms – nobody else was!

Day Forty Five

Obligatory valentines photo.

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