Project 365: Week 9

Playing catch up as usual, I am looking back over the last three weeks in photos today.

Firstly up is week nine which is days 53 to 59 of 2015.

Week 9


Day Fifty Three

We drove over to Chester to visit The Crocky Trail but by the time we arrived the heavens had opened and it was blummin’ freezing. We decided to try again another day, but not wanting to go home having done nothing at all we found the nearest geocache which was just outside the entrance to The Crocky Trail.

Day Fifty Four

Rowan has football training on a Monday evening, but he hadn’t been for a few weeks. I should’ve checked with the coach that the session was on because when we arrived everything was locked up! The boys were not deterred though, and just practised on the adjoining field until it was dark.

Day Fifty Five

The cat is and always has been more of an outdoor cat, despite our hopes for him to be a lazy lap cat. He’s getting on a bit now though, and at eight years old, we are trying to encourage him to stay in a little more. That isn’t proving easy though because it seems the dog transforms herself into Crazy Cat Stalker every time the cat comes in. Luckily, he doesn’t seem to care too much.

Day Fifty Six

A baby! I don’t have any babies any more so it isn’t often you’ll see one on the blog these days. I adore this photo of my grandma and my cousin’s daughter. The two Elsie’s look so ¬†great together, don’t you think?!

Day Fifty Seven

Beer. I went to a craft beer event and won some beer! What’s better than carefully crafted beer which is locally produced by a family business? Free beer!

Day Fifty Eight

There isn’t a particularly special reason for me taking Betsy’s photo for this day, except that I think she looks completely adorable. I struggle to get her to look at the camera, so I was really pleased with this.

Day Fifty Nine

Rowan’s school report. This is Rowan’s second interim report since he started school, but since the first was sent out just a few weeks after he started there really wasn’t much to say about progress. We’re super proud of him for achieving so much since September.

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