Project 365: Weeks 5 and 6

I’m moving my project over from my other blog, so although this is the first 365 post I’ve done on That Lancashire Lass, I am actually kind of up to date. I say kind of because this post is actually two weeks in one – again!

You can find weeks one, two, three and four on

This week is a round up of the last two weeks running from 25th January to 7th February 2015, which are days 25 through to 38.

*spends an hour and a half choosing and editing photos*


Day Twenty Five

I bought The Sims 4. I’m not sure I slept for a day or two because I was a bit obsessed with it for a while there! I had to capture this when my character was promoted to Blogger (I didn’t choose the name!). She makes more than I ever have blogging!


Day Twenty Six

Rowan took ill on the Sunday evening and so this was Monday for us. He just had a bit of a sick bug and was back to school by Wednesday.


Day Twenty Seven

Rowan was absolutely fine on Tuesday but because of the 48hr rule at school had to be at home with me. I was secretly pleased because it meant I got to spend some bonus time with him. First though we had to take Grandma to the doctors. This is Rowan peeping through  chair in the waiting room, the cheeky little monkey.

28.365Day Twenty Eight

This was a very welcome sight for me. I love love love snow, although I refuse to drive in it. Unfortunately, it was all washed away by morning! I was disappointed at the lack of snow day for us!



Day Twenty Nine

This little monkey (and the boy, too) snuck into my room as I was working, so because I’m a big softie I let him stay for a cuddle. I love Louis’ eyes, they’re like huge brown pools. Here though he looks so sleepy and adorable.


Day Thirty

Rowan is a big Frozen fan but although it’s taken the country by storm, it is predominantly aimed at girls. We had our very own Frozen night at home though and it was a princess free zone! One of our activities was making our own snow. Rowan absolutely loved this activity – he spent over an hour and a half playing with a mixture of cornflour and body lotion.


Day Thirty One

Louis received almost thirty Skylander figures at Christmas and although he’s been interested in it for a while, I didn’t think he’d still be so keen that he’d spend two hours arranging them in order of ‘awesomeness’. Definitely money well spent!



Day Thirty Two

On 1st Feb I went to a juicing event in Leeds. I learned quite a lot actually, and I even did some kind of yoga-in-fast-forward type exercise. I could have got someone to take a photo of that, but I don’t want you to laugh at me!

33.365 (2)Day Thirty Three

Make no bones about it (gosh I’m funny) we had fun after school on Monday. We put together our very own skeleton (His name is Bony) and he lives in our lounge.


Day Thirty Four

We love playing games, and we had a brilliant time playing a game called Go Piggy Go. The boys thought it was the funniest game they’d ever played! I must admit, seeing them do proper belly laughs really did fill my heart with love for them! (More than usual!)

35.365 (2)

Day Thirty Five

After school today we were reviewing a bead craft toy and we made … a unicorn. Now you know and I know it’s not a unicorn. It’s a horse. But Rowan is adamant that this creation of his is a unicorn and who am I to argue!

36.365 (3)

Day Thirty Six

As a treat today we had a pizza which I cooked to perfection. Okay, I burnt it. The kids didn’t notice though, they were too busy mithering me about having a go with the pizza cutter. It’s got a laser, therefore it’s awesome.

37.365 (2)


Day Thirty Seven

*Alert! Alert!* Page the Tooth Fairy! Thank your lucky stars the tooth is blurred!

38.365 (2)

Day Thirty Eight

Rowan wanted to play this football game, so I spent a trillion hours putting it together for him. He and Louis played with it for ten minutes then just dismantled it and put it away! It made him happy though so I guess it was worth it.

Next week I’m going to try and get my arse in gear and link up on time!

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  1. Wow lots of photo’s! I admit to even doing a three weeker once or twice last year for project 365! Love the snow, really want some here. The pizza cutter is definitely awesome and bless your boy liking Frozen, my twin boys do too! My daughter plays Sims, that’s hilarious about being a blogger on the game! #365

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