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The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout

I love my job. Especially when I find myself holding the keys for a week long test drive of a fancy new car. In this instance, we were the proud testers of the ŠKODA Octavia Scout Estate. Our model was the…
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Review: Skoda Octavia

A few weeks ago I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with ŠKODA, who sent me a beautiful Octavia Estate for half term week. ŠKODA have come a long, long way in recent years and their cars are very popular…
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Skoda Yeti goes camping

This summer one of our adventures was to a campsite in North Yorkshire. To help us on our way, Skoda asked if we wanted to take one of their lovely Yeti Outdoor cars with us – how lucky is that?!…
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Looking for a new family car

When we learned we were expecting baby number three, we decided to look for a second car. My husband had just changed his job too which meant we now both needed to be mobile, so having one car between us…
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Admiral Young Driver Experience

I won some BIG auntie points this weekend when I took my 12 year old nephew Kieran for a driving lesson. Admiral Young Driver lessons are suitable for children aged 11 and over, and kids learn to drive in regular…
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Tyre Safety

Where’s the MOT certificate? What do you mean, you think it was due in May?  These are just a select two (of the few suitable to repeat) questions I asked my husband last week. Turns out, the MOT on the…
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