Review: Red Kite Push Me 2U Stroller

When we took the boys to Florida, we didn’t want to take our main pram. It’s a travel system and although we only use the main pram part of it now and wouldn’t need any attachments, it’s a bit bulky to be taking through an airport and I was worried it wpuld get damaged in transit.

I decided instead to take the Red Kite Push Me 2U stroller that had been sent to us by Kiddies Kingdom. I used it for two full weeks on holiday and found many talking points on the stroller’s pros and cons.


My favourite feature of this Red Kite stroller is that it is very light. I could manage to carry the stroller in my hand and the baby on my hip when we needed to at the airport, without any trouble. The Push Me 2U is fairly small too in comparison to my pram so it really felt a lot easier to me.


The Red Kite Push Me 2U is really inexpensive, which is a real plus if you only need it for taking away on holiday. The raincover is included in that price too, so it’s great value.


The hood was brilliant for helping to keep the sun out of my son’s face. It’s deep enough to be of use, which isn’t something I can honestly say about all stroller hoods. To really keep the sun away we use a snoozeshade, and that would be very difficult to attach to a stroller without a hood.

5 point harness

I think all strollers need a 5-point harness, and most probably do. I do see lots of older toddlers with their arms pulled out from behind the chest straps and it makes me wince. I always think that if you misjudge a kerb, or something else happens to cause your stroller to tip forward, your child has very little protection against falling out.


The Push Me 2U stroller is really easy to steer as long as the child sitting in it isn’t too heavy. My son was 15 months last time we used this stroller and it was easy enough to manoeuvre it with him sitting in it then.

While there were plenty of things I liked about this stroller, there were also several things I’d like to see improved.

Recline feature

The stroller does have a kind of recline facility but it makes no real difference to the child’s position. It doesn’t lie anywhere near flat and didn’t appear to make my son any more comfortable regardless of the position it was in. The recline is only in the form of a clip on each side of the stroller, so I would like to see this improved to enable the child to actually lie down, or even lie back to any real extent.


After using this stroller for two weeks, one wheel had become uneven and didn’t always maintain contact with the floor. The locking feature on the front wheels was useful when rocking to sleep, but one lock kept coming off.


I think this stroller is okay for holiday or emergency use, but not long term. A better lie-back system would improve the stroller immensely, as would having a longer seat for tired legs to rest on. I’m not sure I’d recommend this stroller to anyone who can afford to spend a little extra on one which offers more comfort, but it’s certainly good value for short term use.

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