Planning for the John Muir Award

The boys used to attend a forest school where they were working towards something called the John Muir Award. They weren’t able to complete the award as we had to stop attending the forest school, but I decided to look…
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Riverside Holiday Park

We recently spent the weekend at Riverside Holiday Park, Southport. My son wanted to go camping for his birthday so we took the motorhome an hour down the road and met up with a group of friends who were there…
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Aldi’s 2018 camping range

You know how it goes. You nip into Aldi for a loaf of bread and you come out with six tea light holders and a pair of jodphurs, despite never having ridden a horse in your life. Well this week…
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The #BigWildSleepout for RSPB

Recently my husband took our eldest son (and the dog) wild camping as part of the RSPB #BigWildSleepout. Our son was raising money for the charity and managed to raise ยฃ50.00 in total which he was really pleased with. ยฃ50.00…
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Camping in Clitheroe

Ever wondered what camping is like in Lancashire? Ey up, we’re here in Clitheroe Pitching up our tent The footprint’s sorta mouldy One ot’ poles is bent The forecast did look gorgeous On checking yesterday But the sun went in…
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