New Mantra for Mums: Treat Yourself!

Any mum will understand how easy it is to spend any spare pennies you have on new shoes, or clothes, or toys for your kids. Yes, we have a designated day to honour all our hard work, but I’m here to say: ladies, it’s okay to treat yourself every now and again, not only on Mothering Sunday. I like to make sure I treat myself to something at least once a week. That may be a bubbly bath, a new pair of shoes or just some time for myself to really unplug and relax.

Mums of the world – here are three ways to treat yourself in 2018:

Soak in Some Luxury Bath Salts

Us busy mums don’t often have the time to indulge in pampering and luxury spa trips are now a mere memory. So why not treat yourself to a spa experience in your own home? Once the kids are all tucked up in bed, run a bubble bath with some expensive salts, a face mask and light a few scented candles. Then, sit back and soak up the calm. It’s a far cry from the rushed morning showers and one that you deserve to reset your zen levels every now and again.

New Make Up and Brushes

It doesn’t happen much for us mums nowadays, but on the rare occasion that you might have an evening out planned, or if there’s a date night in the diary, make the most of it by investing in some new makeup and bushes.

It might be difficult to tear yourself away from your staple comfy jumpers and leggings, but you’ll feel refreshed when you’ve put your dressy evening outfit. Even if you still opt for comfort, a new foundation (applied with a soft new make up brush) or a striking red lipstick can help you feel more glam immediately. You might not be the kind of person who wears makeup every day, but it’s a luxurious little treat to perk you up every now and again!

A Fancy Piece of Jewellery

Treat yourself to a simple piece of jewellery, like a gorgeous diamond necklace, that can be worn as an everyday staple, whether you’re dressed up or just wearing your comfies. Not only is a necklace a nice investment and a treasured keepsake, you could always pass this special piece of jewellery down to your daughter or granddaughter in future!

We mums don’t think twice about putting our kids first, but we need a bit of ‘me time’ sometimes too. Use our three easy tips to treat yourself this year – they’ll give you a perfect opportunity to relax and remind yourself that you’re a supermum that deserves a bit of luxury from time to time. So if you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about buying that new lipstick, remember: treat yourself!

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