Theatre Review: Elf at The Lowry



That was the one line from the film that I hoped to hear on the stage and I wasn’t disappointed. However, if Buddy the Elf hadn’t said it on the stage at The Lowry, I’m not sure it would’ve made a jot of difference because we had an AMAZING time. Truly, truly wonderful.

There aren’t many people I know who haven’t seen the film so there was bound to be a fair bit of pressure on the team behind the stage production to do it justice. They didn’t disappoint though as every detail from the cast to the music and the set were just brilliant.

The actor playing Michael Hobbs was great. I’m always so impressed with children acting on stage as they must have to put so much work in alongside their school work. It’s so impressive to see them deliver an outstanding performance in front of all those people – I’d be petrified!

The choreography for the show was done brilliantly and the performers must have worked incredibly hard to perfect the routines as they did.

There were family jokes and ‘grown up’ puns throughout and the comedy element of the performance was great. A perfect mixture of laughter, sadness and heart warming emotion was the key to a brilliant evening.

The atmosphere in the theatre was fantastic and the children in the audience were mesmerised throughout.

The soundtrack is so good it makes you want to sing along – and there was an album on sale at the theatre when we went, which I wish I’d bought! I reckon it’d make a great soundtrack for putting up the tree!

The show is suitable for everyone old enough to sit through a performance. It’s a fairly lengthy show with each part running at just over an hour.

You can buy tickets online here… and if you do go, you’ll need to learn a new word!

Can you say…


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