Dear Kitchen

Dear Kitchen,

We need to talk.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I’ve fallen out of love with you. Your oven refuses to fan, your fridge leaks and your freezer is just too small.

You’ve served me well and for that I’m truly thankful, but there comes a time in every girls life where the need for properly working appliances is a real one.

It’s not you, it’s me. I have needs you can no longer fulfil. I want to batch cook meals and freeze them. I want to cook food within a reasonable length of time. I want dry socks when I walk past the fridge in the morning.

I want more cupboard space instead of storing ALL. THE. THINGS. in a box on top of a unit. I’d really love to be able to have the tumble dryer inside the actual house. I dream of the day I can have the Panasonic fridge freezer I have lusted after for so very long.

Panasonic Fridge Freezer
Panasonic Fridge Freezer

You just aren’t enough for me any more. When it was just me and you we were okay, we got along well enough and we made some wonderful meals together. Now, your single oven just isn’t cutting the mustard when I want to prepare three coursesĀ for ten people. I hope you understand.

I love my kitchen gadgets but my beloved Kenwood Chef shouldn’t be on top of a cupboard at his ripe old age – it’s just not cricket.

I’m sure there’s a way we can work things out. Maybe I’ll buy you some little unit friends and squeeze them into the little gaps on the walls that aren’t already covered in MDF. Perhaps instead I’ll overdose on new appliances that do the job of three of my existing ones and cut down that way. (I’ll start with an air fryer – I NEED one of those things in my life!)

One thing’s for sure though, dear kitchen of mine. We need to do something.

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  1. I just need to clear all the crap out of my cupboards and actually put the useful stuff in there! A big American Fridge-Freezer is an excellent thing, I can’t deny I love mine, and it’s saved me a ton of space in the kitchen x

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