When your phone camera just won’t do

Watch this.

When I watched this video I thought ‘Yes. I want that!’

I take a lot of photos for the blog from my iPhone, but more and more I’ve been finding that as I want to improve the look of my blog and the quality of my photographs , those photos just won’t do. They’re great considering they’ve been taken on a phone, but what I need is a proper camera.

I do actually have a DSLR (well, my husband does) but good lord they’re a pain to take out with you. I blog quite a lot about family fun, so if we’re at a festival (we’re already booked to go to Geronimo this year) I really don’t want to be carrying the kids’ coats, a picnic, my handbag AND a camera bag as well. Not to mention having to put ALL. THE. THINGS. down to be able to start taking photos. This looks like a good alternative and it’d save me looking like a pack horse everywhere we go. Besides, I still don’t know what all the different settings are on that DSLR (helloooo, auto!).

The camera featured in this video is the Lumix TZ70. It loooks really, really great but it’s a bit out of my price bracket at the moment at £349.00 when it’s released next month. Panasonic, if you’re reading, I’d happily review one! (Worth a try!)

By the way, did you see that bloke riding a camel in the video? Well I did that last month – see!


I definitely wouldn’t have been able to take my big camera to Morocco with me. You don’t get much baggage allowance as it is – imagine how many outfits I’d have to forfeit to be able to take it. I imagine this photo would’ve been marginally better though!

*collaborative post*


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