Competition: Berry’s Bobby

One of the things I love most about spending time with my grandma is listening to her talk about times gone by. She talks about a real, unplugged childhood, about playing out from morning until night, about how busy the town markets used to be and how everyone would be so much more polite to one another. She recalls with such fondness how the shops would be set out and the streets would be filled not with commuters rushing through, but with people going about their lives as part of a real community.

Do you have an older relative who shares stories like that with you?
C & W Berry are looking to share senior residents’ memories of Leyland in years gone by to celebrate Bobby the cart horse’s 1st Birthday.

Bobby the Cart Horse was first unveiled a year ago in Leyland, Lancashire, and has been very well received as an addition to the area’s art installations.
Do you have a memory of how Leyland was? Share it with C & W Berry for your chance to win their memories competition.

If you are happy for them to celebrate your memory on the C & W Berry social media channels and company blog, simply email them with your name and age and share your memories. The email address to send it to is

The winner will receive a beautiful flower arrangement and a horseshoe trophy. The competition ends on 1st November so do be quick!

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