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There’s something really comforting about having a long, hot bath before getting wrapped up warm and cosy in some really comfortable nightwear, curling up in front of the telly or with a good book in front of the fire, and really winding down of an evening.

It can’t be any old nightwear though, it has to be really snuggly. I have a pair of favourite pyjamas, bought for me by the children last Mother’s Day, that I love to settle down in when it’s cold outside. Give me a hot chocolate or a glass of wine and I’m as happy as a happy thing. It really doesn’t take much!

Now, if you can supply your own hot chocolate, I can supply the cosy nightwear!

Nightie Prize

Blackspade’s focus is on comfort and quality, and this nightdress boasts plenty of both. In subtle pink and grey colours, it would make the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day (or just keep it for yourself as a little treat – I won’t tell).

One of the UK’s leading stockists of Blackspade products is Patricia Eve.

Patricia Eve say:

Patricia Eve is stocking five main collections of Blackspade underwear for the UK market: Aura, Private, Comfort, Silver and Essentials.

The Aura collection stays true to the brand´s ethos of producing high comfort garments with classic designs, including spaghetti singlet´s and silky laces, all featuring a high-quality cotton comfort, which is something of a design signature of the collection.

Another highlight from the four UK collections is the Private line, which consists of a capsule range of seam free products made from soft lace and 97% superfine cotton. The collection maintains the classic comfort factor which runs throughout the brand´s products, yet uses lace detail to propel the everyday garments into something that little bit special.

The Silver collection has been added to the Blackspade range, manufactured from mainly modal fabric. This is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, in this case from beech trees. The fabric is 50% more hygroscopic (water-absorbent) as well as colour fast and resistant to shrinkage when washed in warm water.

The newest garment to be added to the Essentials group is the Ultimate Maxi Brief which has been specially made for the UK market. The Ultimate Maxi comes in a pack of three from 10 – 18 in Black, Nude and White.

I have one Blackspade nightdress to giveaway, as pictured above, thanks to stockists Patricia Eve – in a medium size only – and all you have to do to enter is complete the rafflecopter widget below. Easy!

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  1. My perfect night in would be candles lit, nice glass of wine, some choccies, and a good chick flick x

  2. Describe your perfect quiet night in……….glass (or two or three) of wine, a good book and our log burning stove

  3. Someone to cook for me, for a change, a bubble bath, and cosy up with a book and a family size block of dairy milk

  4. A long candleit soak in the bath, lots of tea and back to back episodes of the Walking Dead in bed

  5. My perfect night in is a night when the kids are happy and go to bed early – all my chores are done, the front room is tidy and me and my hasband unwind with something nice to drink, a game some chocoalatea and our favourites tunes.

  6. a night in, under my duvet on sofa watching films or reading a book, quiet house and a nice hot chocolate

  7. snuggled up on the sofa watching jake gyllenhaal as prince of persia, followed by the arrow. hot chocolate with marsh mallows on

  8. A hot bubbly bath, cosy pj’s, glass (or few) of wine, a takeaway and some telly with my feet up

  9. A book on my kindle, a bath with lavender in it, and then more reading and a southern comfort and pepsi max in bed.

  10. When he has gone to the pub and I can chill out entering comps, listening to music and having a can

  11. Home alone with my lap top to browse on and the TV playing in the back ground with a box of chocolates and a bottle of Lambrini.

  12. Sitting in front of tv, with list of brilliant programmes and my hubby and 3 cats all sitting next to me and enjoying a wee brandy…………….bliss

  13. All by myself with a glass of wine, some chocolate, my cats snuggled on my lap and a film I want to see that my other half deems to be rubbish

  14. A hot bubble bath, a really good book, then curled up with a film & my husband rubbing my feet.

  15. All by myself, lots of food and sweets, good tea, tv series. Company of my dog would be also appriciated.

  16. A relaxing candlelit bubble bath. Then settle down to watch a good film with a glass or two of wine (with hopefully no interruptions).x

  17. Cuddled up on the sofa in our PJ’s, bottle of Marlborough, Chinese take away and a great film!

  18. A detective programme such as “Lewis” and episodes of “Would I Lie to You” and Room 101, grapes and someone else making the teas and coffees.

  19. I love nothing better than a night in snuggled under a blanket with cups of tea and cake watching a film with my husband

  20. If I am on my own I like to have a bath, PJs on, and curled up on the sofa catching up with the soaps with a glass of wine x

  21. Lovely soak in bath, Pj’s on, curl up on sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and good TV for the evening

  22. My cat and a good book, with my husband waiting on me hand and foot Mmmm, so not going to happen

  23. Big jumper, big fluffy socks, red wine, candles, cushions, a great book and some music, oh and I suppose my hubby could be sat quietly in the corner minding his own business! Ahhhh perfect!

  24. All the kids in bed… All dogs quiet. . My husband and I in front of a roaring fire with wine & snuggles 🙂

  25. My perfect quiet night in would consist of nice food and drink that I don’t have to cook or wash up, some reading, crafting, and a full night’s sleep.

  26. Long hot bubble bath with a good book and then an early night slipping into freshly washed sheets

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