Competition: Tickets to The Lost Carnival, Crewe

Last year one of the highlights of the festival season was The Lost Carnival in Bury. The Lost Carnival is an event at which you are immersed in the wildly imaginative realities of two carnival families – The Birds and The Ingenues – who this year are setting the stage for the second Lost Carnival in Queen’s Park, Crewe between 28th and 30th May 2016.

The story goes that the two carnival families are rivals and are battling one another for supremacy. Which family will you hail as the greatest entertainers of The Lost Carnival?

Will you be wowed by the spellbinding theatre and enthralling installations? Will your breath be taken away as you watch the astounding circus performances? Perhaps your soul will be capture by the sound of each families’ unique musical skill.

With visual trickery and exciting sideshows too, there is set to be something to capture every visitor’s imagination.

This event is unique in that it isn’t purely a trip out with the family. Carnival goers can follow the tales from The Lost Carnival via creator Geoff Bird as his alter-ego, Arthur.

The Lost Carnival - crystal ball credit Brett Harkness

Be a part of The Lost Carnival

Do you and your family want to delve even more deeply into the story of The Lost Carnival? Join one of the competing carnival families, the Birds or the Ingenues, and as true carnivalistas, you’ll receive correspondence from the family, secrets and special information, an early glimpse of the story podcasts as they are released, special identity cards, sneaky experiences at the carnival itself, and you’ll be listed as the most dedicated of carnival family members on the website. Click here to find out more about becoming carnivalistas.


If you’d like to be in with a chance to win a family ticket to The Lost Carnival this May, simply complete the Gleam widget below. Then make sure you listen to the podcasts and you’ll be perfectly prepared for the most enchanting outing of the year.

Family Ticket to The Lost Carnival

***The winner is… Lisa H!***


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