Just So Festival Review 2019

We have been fans of the Just So Festival for a few years now and have reviewed it before on the blog. This year we were excited to go again, but sadly illness prevented us from being able to attend. I was lucky enough to have the support of the family behind Trip Ups and Trips Out, who were able to go on our behalf. Thank you so much to Shamaila and her family for coming to my rescue!

Here’s how they got on at Just So for the day on Sunday.

Over to Shamaila…

Credit: Shamaila Khan

Just So’s 10th birthday marked our third visit to the festival. 

The kids have great memories of visiting the last two years and even the 12 year old was still keen to go.

We were kindly invited by Lancashire Lass to review on their behalf. 

We attended on the third day of the festival this year. 

Credit: Shamaila Khan

The weather had unfortunately caused a lot of problems on the Friday and although the sun shone brightly both on Saturday and Sunday the area was very muddy. The organisers had decided that the car park couldn’t open on Sunday for safety reasons, we managed to get parking close to the hall near the residential areas so we were grateful for that.

So much to see

Once we were inside we headed to the mesmerizing forest area, this has been a particular favorite in the past. 

Here the kids played on the newly constructed marble game and also added clay faces on to the trees.

The spellbound forest is always decorated with flowers and lights and that’s the bit about this area and the grounds that I just love. I love the visuals that wild rumpus create for the Just So Festival, there’s something special around every corner. 

Credit: Shamaila Khan

The village green had lots going on including the tribe leaders cheering on their teams. It’s always such a visual delight watching how much effort families put in when they’re part of a tribe. The costumes are just amazing, I’d be happy just watching them all day! 

Credit: Shamaila Khan

We try to go with the flow but do find that we end up missing lots like this especially if we are only attending for the day. There is so much to do that if you’re not camping then a weekend ticket is definitely recommended.

Bollywood dancing, silent discos, family yoga and even animation workshops the festival has it all. 

Don’t miss!

The one thing that the kids didn’t want to miss was the Fabularium, having witnessed their open air theatre a few times already. The new show Hare & the Moon was great and judging by the audience they’re clearly a big hit with everyone.  

The food I remember as always being great at Just So but the one negative this year was the lack of seating. Unfortunately the barn that we usually sit in to eat had been turned into the fabulously decorated flamingo lounge to house more entertainment but this meant everyone that wasn’t lucky enough to get one of the few benches, was eating sat on the floor. 

Credit: Shamaila Khan

My daughter was particularly happy with the characters walking around the grounds that she got to take photographs with especially the roller skating flamingos. 

We ended the evening by listening to songs around the campfire before leaving muddy but very happy. 

Thank you guys – I’m so glad you enjoyed your day!

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