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As a family, we are big fans of the outdoors.

We love to explore new places, learn about our natural environment and see the boys appreciate the wonder of the natural world. Next month we are taking part in #30DaysWild, an initiative by The Wildlife Trusts designed to encourage families to get out and about more and to incorporate nature into their lives.

The aim of #30DaysWild is to do a little something each day involving nature in some way. If you sign up to take part you will receive a #30DaysWild inspirational pack, containing Random Acts of Wildness cards – bitesize bits of wild inspiration, a beautiful badge and funky stickers to accompany a gorgeous wallchart.

We’ve had a fair few wild adventures over the last couple of years. From our canoe safari at Martin Mere to our backpacking adventure on the Jurassic Coast, the boys are no strangers to a bit of mud and a creepy crawly or two. We’ve even invited a variety of critters round to our house to study habitats with our Interplay reviews. But all that experience doesn’t mean we’re experts – far from it. There is always something new to learn about the natural world and so I really want the boys to come to the end of June and be able to say they really gained knowledge, increased their enthusiasm and were inspired to do more in, and for, nature.

We’ve jotted down our 30 ideas for our #30DaysWild and although they’re subject to change I think we’ve got a great starting point. This is what we’ve got:

  1. Bat Walk
  2. Hedgehog Day
  3. Tree rubbings & species comparison
  4. Nature Bingo
  5. Write a newspaper article about an endangered species
  6. Look at the life cycle of a frog
  7. Read about and find different British habitats
  8. Go foraging
  9. Take a walk in woods we haven’t visited before
  10. Cloud watching and identification
  11. Walk on the beach
  12. Learn about bees
  13. Feed squirrels
  14. Write a nature inspired poem
  15. Visit an open garden
  16. Learn some bushcraft skills
  17. Sleep under the stars
  18. Make a daisy chain
  19. Skim pebbles
  20. Watch a wild webcam
  21. Visit a wildlife rescue centre
  22. Go pond dipping
  23. Make nature paint brushes and paintings
  24. Go wild flower spotting
  25. Take an early morning stroll
  26. Go geocaching in the woods
  27. Make nature stones
  28. Make a simple bird feeder
  29. Set up a bug hotel
  30. Grow something

I’m sure other opportunities will present themselves as we work our way through this list but we certainly have enough to go at for now!

There’s just one problem – how are we going to wait until June?!

Read more about The Wildlife Trusts over on their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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