5 mistakes to avoid when planning a family holiday

With summer fast approaching, aren’t we all looking forward to planning the next family holiday?
Not only is it the perfect opportunity to relax, it’s also the perfect time to bond with your partner
and children. To make sure your next family holiday becomes a cherished memory for years, here
are five mistakes to avoid when planning it.

1. Making all the decisions on your own

Family holiday means the whole clan spending time in a new location so why not get everyone
involved from the start when looking into potential destinations? Gaining insight into what different
members of the family expect from this trip will make planning easier and the final choice is more
likely to be the right one for everyone. If you’re traveling with young children involving them from
the decision and planning phases can help them feel like “proper grown-ups” and can make them
like the place more.
But don’t forget about yourself and what you need from this break! Kids will be happy anywhere if
their parents are happy (and have an ice cream or a biscuit).

2. Not planning your transportation in advance

Whether you’re flying, taking the ferry or going on a cruise, you are almost sure to pay less if you
book your tickets in advance.
If you’re flying there, it’s advisable to not only book your flight tickets but also your airport parking
well in advance. Use a dedicated comparison site like www.Looking4Parking.com to get the cheapest
price on secure airport parking while you’re away. If you are driving to your destination, a tune-up of
your vehicle a few weeks before your leave is the best way to prevent stressful incidents on the

3. Booking the cheapest accommodation without checking what it provides

Stress-free accommodation booking comes from knowing what you need and what your budget is.
Should you rent an entire flat to have access to a kitchen and cook your own meals or would a hotel
room with breakfast included be a better option? A fridge in your room can make all the difference
when travelling with young kids who are always hungry. But so could having more space, like two
separate bedrooms, or an all-inclusive deal.
Answering these questions will help you book the right place for your family. Sometimes, spending a
few extra pounds on accommodation can save you more in the long run. This article provides a list of
the main services family-friendly hotels should provide.

4. Pre-booking everything

Booking ahead of time is the right thing to do when it comes to transportation and accommodation.
But that is not necessarily the case with everything. When considering things to do during your
holiday, book tickets to main attractions ahead of time but make sure you account for some free
time as well – young ones will most definitely need a break during action-packed days.
You could plan in a daily activity for each morning, then allow some room for relaxation or
spontaneous decisions in the afternoon. Rest time could benefit everybody in the family and, while
you might think your family is not getting the most out of idle time, this is the time to bond with
your kids.

5. Getting everyone involved in packing

What’s the best time to pack for your holiday? As soon as the laundry is done and the kids are in
bed. All the clothes will be clean and available, and with the kids asleep you can concentrate on
packing those suitcases and getting the car ready for departure.
Pack children’s outfits in individual plastic bags, which can be used as dirty laundry bags later on.
Make sure to include a few extra outfits for the young ones (and thumbs up if you remember to pack
an extra t-shirt or two for yourself!). Little accidents are inevitable when traveling with children, and
you don’t want to spend your holiday washing and ironing.
These are just a few mistakes that can make planning your holiday more stressful. We’ve all made
them at one point or another, but by following some simple tips you can make sure you start your
family holiday with as little stress as possible.

And, if anything goes wrong during your holiday, just remember that, as long as everyone is safe, you’ll probably end up laughing about it one day!

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