5 things to be cautious of during a family holiday

It’s easy for a family holiday to become more stressful and difficult than it needs to be, especially when you’re a worrier. However, there’s no need to get worked up – so long as you remain vigilant, careful and sensible, your holiday is almost guaranteed to be fun.

Here are just five things to be cautious of during a family holiday.

The destination you choose

First things first – where are you going? You’re going to want to choose a relatively safe destination for a family holiday. Consider the kids, who’ll probably want a pool to splash around in and some entertainment to go along with it, as opposed to an escape to the tropics of Southeast Asia.

Certain countries in Europe are often a good choice for family holidays, but if you’re looking for an alternative to a typical beach trip then consider potential places such as Florida (for Walt Disney World, of course) or even a city break. Rome, whilst warm year-round, is also historically and culturally rich and fascinating for any age.

How long the flight will be

Kids easily get bored. It’s a universal fact – and flights are often the time you’ll see it most. Confined to a seat, they’ll become fidgety and agitated should they have to stay upon a plane for hours on end. Be sure to choose a destination that isn’t too far to get to, as long-haul flights may simply be unbearable for them.

If you are travelling relatively far, make sure they’ve got things to entertain them. Many planes nowadays offer a multitude of films and programmes to enjoy, but bring things such as colouring books and a tablet to keep them distracted and make the time fly by.

Someone getting lost

If you’re in a busy location, such as a city centre or theme park, remain constantly vigilant and aware of everybody’s whereabouts. It’s far too easy for someone to stray and effectively become separated from the group, so try and prevent it by keeping a close eye at all times.

To eliminate any dire consequences, a helpful tip is designating a spot to gather at if someone goes missing. Have a plan to make it an easily recognisable location, such as a central landmark or popular store, so that everyone can quickly return to it and be reunited with ease.

Finding a balance suited to everyone

On a family holiday, it’s likely you’ll clash when it comes to deciding on things to do. Younger kids will constantly seek energy and fun, whereas parents may want something chilled and laidback. It’s important to establish a healthy balance that considers everyone’s wants and needs, in order to eliminate any unfair or undesirable plans.

Make sure you promise the little ones their fun so long as they let you have some days to take it easy and relax. It’s all about compromise, and this is the perfect time for them to learn how to do it.

Scams – don’t lose your money

Be sure you’re not falling victim to the typical scams many encounter on their travels. Too often are people left almost out of pocket after not recognising they’re being scammed, and with family holidays often being expensive enough already, it’s important you’re doing all you can to save.

A location where scamming is frequent is marketplaces. If a price seems unreasonably high, make sure you negotiate to get it back to normal. Vendors often expect and appreciate a haggler, so don’t be afraid to demand a smaller price.

Do you have any more tips on things to look out for during a family holiday? Let me know in the comments below.

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