Baby’s first Christmas

A baby’s first Christmas is an exciting one. They have no idea that it’s Christmas, they don’t know what presents are all about and they might wake up in the small hours but it will probably be for milk rather than to see if the big man has been. But that doesn’t mean we can’t mark our children’s first Christmas with a few little traditions. One of the things we have always done for the older two children is a Christmas Eve Box. The boys’ will have some sweets inside and a DVD, but Eric’s will be slightly different because he will only be 18 weeks old.

Christmas Stocking

Everyone needs a beautiful Christmas stocking, and my older two boys both had ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ stockings. This year, we’ve decided on a personalised stocking set from Baby Blooms.┬áIt hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m very much looking forward to hanging it above the fire with the others. Our first Christmas as a complete family.


New bear

Christmas Eve is a time for snuggles and everyone needs a favourite bear. With Eric’s personalised stocking comes a matching bear – complete with his name stitched onto the jumper. We won’t name him until Eric can talk and decide for himself, but he will always be Eric’s special Christmas bear.

Personalised bauble

Louis had three personalised baubles by the time his first Christmas arrived, but on inspection of the decorations this year I was horrified to discover that Rowan doesn’t have any – and he’s six! So tomorrow I will be ordering a personalised bauble for both Eric and Rowan. Talk about middle child syndrome! If any of you can recommend a beautiful bauble for a boy then please do let me know.

What have you bought for a baby’s first Christmas?

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Disclosure: Baby Blooms are sending Eric a gift to say thank you for talking about their lovely bears and stockings.

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