#BEDA Day Ten: Bucket List Progress


I have written previously about my ‘bucket list’, on my other blog. For me, it’s not really a bucket list but a list of things I’d like to achieve before I turn 40.

This is the list:

Swim with Dolphins
Go to St. Lucia
Raise £1,000 for charity
Be a size 12 – for good!
Fly a plane
Ride in a hot air balloon
Climb a mountain
Be my own boss
See the maldives
Learn to play an instrument
Get a motorbike license
Spend £500 in one clothes shop
Make a difference in 10 people’s lives

I wrote this list when I turned 30 and so far I’ve ticked off one whole item and chipped away at a couple of others.

1) I became my own boss. My catering business is registered and approved but I haven’t pushed it. I haven’t traded this year either, though I did last year. A bit. Part of me thinks I should take the bull by the horns and part of me doesn’t have the balls, frankly.

2) I have raised money for charity. So far I’ve raised around £600 so I’m on track.

3) Make a difference in 10 people’s lives. I think this is going to be a really hard one to measure, unless ten people actually say to me ‘Hey Karen, you’ve made a difference to my life’ (which I think is unlikely!). So I may have to rethink that one.

4) Be a size 12 – for good! I’m making progress with this one. After losing a stone and dropping one dress size, I have another 2 stone to go which will hopefully leave me at my goal dress size.

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