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Bunny Jump Game

After school today we tried out a game called Bunny Jump. We’ve been playing quite a lot of games lately, mostly after school or after Sunday dinner. I recently reviewed Chicken Charades from the same company as Bunny Jump, Universal Games. We loved that so when they offered to send this one I was really happy to accept.

Bunny Jump is a game designed for younger children and has a recommended age of 5 and above. Rowan is four and a half and had no problem playing this, though I can see why 5+ is the recommendation – more about that later. Suitable for between 2 and four players, the game is one our whole family can join in with.

Bunny Jump contents


In the box there is an instruction booklet, four brightly coloured plastic baskets, a spinner, a rabbit, a carrot field and twelve carrots.

We each chose a basket (red for Manchester-United-mad Louis, of course) and Rowan began play because he’s the youngest, and those are the rules! On their turn, each player spins to find out whether they can take one or two carrots, miss a turn or even have to relinquish one they’ve already won. Eventually, one carrot will trigger the mechanism in the carrot field that makes the bunny … jump! If you catch it, you win two extra carrots but the overall winner is the player with the most carrots.  The boys loved the anticipation element of the game, cautiously holding out their hands in case the bunny did jump!

The catching of the bunny is great hand-eye coordination practice, but going back to my earlier note on the age guidance for this game, I think under five’s would struggle to beat an older child to the airborne bunny. Rowan didn’t catch it once, not even when I made Louis cheat to give him a chance! I wouldn’t say that detracted from the enjoyment of the game for Rowan though because he really did like Bunny Jump and I would still buy this for a four year old. It’s good catching practice anyway.

All the plastic parts of the game appear to be durable and I can’t see any pieces falling apart or breaking very easily. I should imagine this is a game that can last for years and years if played with under the supervision of an adult when younger children are playing.

Each game lasted less than five minutes which is great for youngsters. I had the game set up already when they came home from school and so they had the benefit of immediate play, but setting up took me less than five minutes. We played four games before I declared it to be tea time but I think they would’ve done another couple if I’d let them. Because Bunny Jump is so easy to assemble and to put away, it’s a really quick, fun thing to do when you haven’t got a great deal of time to fill.

Everything stores very neatly and easily back inside the box, which is lovely and square and perfect for stacking with other games or on a bookshelf.

Bunny Jump is available from Toys R Us, Hamleys, Argos, Smyths, Amazon and Toymaster with an RRP of £19.99.

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*Disclaimer: we were sent this game for the purpose of this review. Opinions are my own and are unbiased.

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