Car review: GMC Yukon

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The car we used during our time in Florida was a very fancy GMC Yukon. We had booked a package holiday which included the hire of a car suitable for all seven of our party. Unfortunately, hiring a car as part of a package deal isn’t as simple as it may appear and though we ended up being allocated a car with seven seats, it would only actually hold two of our six suitcases. Fail!

We had little choice but to pay for an upgraded vehicle, and as frustrating as that was after a frankly awful journey through Orlando Airport, it was just something we wanted to get sorted out as soon as possible.

A few hundred extra dollars later, we drove away in a GMC Yukon. It was literally the biggest car I’ve ever been in, as far as I can recall.

I’ve done a few car reviews here on That Lancashire Lass, so I couldn’t really forgo giving the Yukon a quick mention.

Seating up to eight people, and with plenty of room for holiday luggage, the Yukon was perfect for us.

The cream leather interior gave the car a truly plush feel and we certainly didn’t feel we were slumming it! The boys all had plenty of room to stay comfortable and the air conditioning was an absolute dream during the unseasonably hot days we were there.

The drive is so smooth and it certainly wasn’t a traumatic experience to be chauffered around in a certain degree of luxury for the duration of our holiday.

There was enough room for everyone and the boys all had car seats which fit perfectly in the Yukon. We took the baby car seat with us but the car hire company supplied boosters for the bigger boys.

The rear car seats folded down fully to give us plenty of space to get into the very back seats. The kids loved sitting in the ‘boot’ and the two older boys had those seats to themselves for the two week trip.

I asked my husband, who drove the Yukon for the entirety of the break, to give me a few words about how he found the car. This is what he said…

The GMC Yukon has and is everything you need for a big family road trip. Aircon, Satnav and voice activated controls, and automatic gearbox for the most comfortable ‘king of the road’, sit back and relax style driving.

Sadly these cars aren’t on the market where we live, but that didn’t stop me having a quick look on to see what was available. There are some beauties out there! For us though, there is no doubt we’d choose to hire a GMC Yukon next time we are on the other side of the pond.

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