Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna

Moon_Goddess_WaterbowlCirque du Soleil is something I’ve heard people rave about many times, but I’ve never had the opportunity to watch one of their performances myself before. Earlier this month though we went along in great anticipation to see Amaluna as it arrived in Manchester.

The story of Amaluna

Miranda, Amaluna’s main character, meets and falls in love with a boy who has found himself ashore after his ship was caught up in a storm. The course of love never did run smooth however, as the new couple discover throughout the most magnificent display of acrobatics I have ever seen.

Romeo_and_MirandaThe performance

Cirque Du Soleil have a fantastic reputation for putting on excellent performances, but I really wasn’t expecting to be perched on the edge of my seat throughout the show. I don’t recall a time I’ve gasped and covered my mouth in disbelief so many times during one performance.

I wasn’t alone in my astonishment, judging by the reaction of my companion for the evening. My six-year-old son was truly mesmerized by the whole thing. At one point he said ‘Mum, this whole circus is made of magic.’. If that isn’t a great testimonial coming from Mr Hard to Please then I don’t know what is.Hoop_DivingFor the first time in Cirque du Soleil’s history, Amaluna features a cast that comprises a majority of women. In addition to the high percentage of female roles, the show also boasts a 100% female band. Director of Creation Fernand Rainville says “Amaluna is a tribute to the work and voice of women. The show is a reflection on balance from a women’s perspective.”. The entire cast perform some truly magnificent stunts. I can honestly say I’ve never held my breath in anticipation before when watching someone pick up sticks!


Amaluna is currently showing under the big top at intu Trafford Centre until 9th October 2016, and will be in London from 12th January to 4th February. Cirque du Soleil’s website has Tickets available now, priced from £17.00.

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