Disney on Ice returns to Manchester

Today is August 26th. The sun has been shining (yes, even here up North) and we made a snowman with real snow.

DOI snowman

Disney on Ice is coming back to the Manchester Arena this October and we have been gearing up for the ice-cold event today at the luxurious Great John Street Hotel in the city centre. The children were given snow, gloves and accessories and challenged to make a snow creation. It was a team effort between the three of them and the children worked well together – mostly! I did borrow Snow White for the day and she made sure our snowy friend was very pretty indeed!

Alas, only Olaf gets to last forever and our new friend quickly melted, even on this slightly-but-not-very-sunny afternoon in Manchester. You have to be thankful for what you have though, so we admired our work and headed inside for a spot of afternoon tea. It would’ve been sophisticated too, but there were children, and well… you know.

tea party table

The food was utterly delightful, though that was no surprise. The last time I was at Great John Street was for a wedding a few years ago. The food was divine then and I expected no less of today’s afternoon tea. We were truly spoiled with the wonderful array of treats on the table! This afternoon’s tea party was wonderful, with smiles all round from the children as my willpower fled at the sight of fresh scones. I’m not sure that will wash with my Slimming World consultant tomorrow but what’s done is done and I forgive myself…

DOI dessert

Disney are renowned for always having an air of magic around everything they do, and today was no exception. Disney on Ice is such a wonderfully produced performance and we’re really looking forward to seeing it – especially since it’s back at Manchester and… it now includes the hugely popular characters from their hit movie Frozen! Anna and Elsa will be gliding onto the stage as part of the spectacular show – I just hope Olaf will be joining them too (he’s my favourite).

The Disney on Ice tour runs from September to December, and will stop at Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin, Sheffield and London. You can find ticket availability on their website.

Photo courtesy of tiredmummyoftwo.com
Photo courtesy of tiredmummyoftwo.com

When I see shows like these, I am always full of admiration for the performers. They must work incredibly hard and dedicate so much of their lives to the show in order to achieve such streamlined routines and I know I just couldn’t do it. I tried to dance as part of a flash mob last year and, well, let’s not talk about that.

We had a wonderful time today and can’t wait to see the show. I’m not sure who is looking forward to it more, me or the kids!

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