Education Matters: Get Involved With Your Child’s Learning

You probably thought your school days were behind you, but when you become a parent, you will find yourself thrust back into the world of education. Your child’s care is your number one priority, and part of your responsibility as a parent is to help them with their learning. In this article, we will discuss how you can help your local school, as well as continue your child’s education in the home.

Find the right school

Depending on your catchment area, there will be a number of schools to choose from. You want your child to get the best education, so do your research and find out which school is best for your child. For starters, head online and look at the Ofsted reports for the schools in your area. Schools are forced to jump through hoops to pass Ofsted’s rigorous inspections, but you are more inclined to opt for a school that achieves a good rating than one that doesn’t.

Speak to your child’s teacher

Keep track of your child’s progress through occasional meetings with their teacher. Not only can you find out how well your child is doing, but you can also get an idea of what subjects are being covered by the curriculum. The teacher will be glad to know you care and will appreciate the extra learning support you can offer at home, such as through our education quizzes. Your child may roll their eyes every time you turn up at the classroom door, but a strong teacher-parent relationship is essential to boost learning.

Get involved with the school

There are many opportunities for getting involved in your child’s school. Not only will you gain an understanding of what your child is learning, but you can also have valuable input into school activities. Get yourself known by helping with after school and breakfast clubs. Take part in school excursions, which could include school trips to Venice when your children are older, and offer classroom support.

To have a greater sway in your child’s education, consider becoming a parent governor. You will have to commit yourself to monthly meetings and stacks of reading material, but you can make a valuable impact on the running of the school.

Create learning opportunities

There is more to your child’s education than what they learn in the classroom. Whatever you do at home, find opportunities to increase your child’s learning. Baking cakes with your kids is a way to improve their culinary skills, but you can also talk about health and safety, and create an impromptu maths lesson when you cut the cake into slices.

Find places to visit outside of the home, and visit local museums, zoos, libraries, etc. to find further ways to broaden your child’s mind and enhance their education.

Your final lesson

Don’t tire of taking an interest in your child’s learning. From asking them about their day, to helping with homework, show that you care. By having an interest in their education, you will inspire them to care about what they are doing.


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