Elvis comes to play!

We haven’t blogged in a while. A Long while. I kept wanting to return to blogging but there just never seemed to be the time, or I didn’t have the right photo, or… well there was always something.

Then I was invited to team up with Design Bundles who sent EJ and I some brilliant Elf on the Shelf activities, all packaged up and ready to go! EJ is four now, which is the perfect age to really start to understand Christmas. Unfortunately this year has been a really – let’s say unique – time and so there are no Santa’s Grotto trips, no magical days out… the fun has to be mostly home based just for this year. So although we haven’t done Elf on the Shelf with EJ before, now seemed like a good year to start.

I was excited to open the box of activities but it soon transpired that I’d have to be a little more patient – each activity was separately packaged and labelled. It was like an Elf on the Shelf Advent Calendar!

Elf on a shelf surrounded by parcels

And so it begins…

Day one was fun – we started with a gorgeous little baking set from Craft and Crumb and we made gingerbread men – mostly! EJ really enjoyed baking and he’s asked Father Christmas for a kitchen as a result – can’t wait to get stuck in to more baking as he gets older.

Our activity pack also included a stencil to make flour footprints which added a cute little touch to the surprise for EJ. Of course, we enjoyed our biscuits with a cup of warm milk and we didn’t leave Elvis out!

As the days went on, we enjoyed so many cute activities together. We decided that our elf wouldn’t be quite the same as other people’s. Our Elvis brings us the opportunity to do something nice together each day, whether it be baking or reading, or one of the other many ideas we got from Design Bundles.

Mixing it up

I always do a Book Advent with the youngest in December, so I interspersed the Design Bundles activities with that this time around. So day 2 saw Elvis delivering Granny Saves Christmas – a new book to the advent this year.

When I agreed to work with Design Bundles I popped over to their website to have a look at who they are and what they do. I’ve since recommended them to some of my friends because a few people I know have recently started their own creative businesses, and the value of Design Bundles’ SVG files seems excellent to me. They have free files, files on offer, files for every occasion, so they’re definitely worth a really good look if you’re in the creative type.

Over the last few days we’ve had so much fun with the activities brought by Elvis.

We’ve designed and created some clothing and accessories for him, which was great because EJ really showed an interest in this and it prompted me to do more of this type of thing with him in the coming months.

Another one of our activities was some simple Christmas colouring sheets. We sat (EJ, Elvis and I) to work on our colouring sheets and we chatted about the upcoming festive season, and of course potential contents of the all important LIST… but that’s a photo for another day.

Side Note

As a little side note, I’m just going to ask you quickly – do you colour? Colouring is so therapeutic and I really recommend it for everyone. It forces you to take time out, to wind down, and to take some moments of mindfulness. Try it! You can buy adult colouring books, but really all you need to do is take pencil crayon to paper and start feeling better straight away!

One of my favourite activities was the bauble. EJ has some ‘snow’ balls that we have regular snowball fights with, and one of those fits perfectly into the glass bauble, so adding in the little ornament and then the sticker with a beautiful font on it made for the cutest little tree ornament. Elvis has his own tree at our house – how perfect is this?!

Getting inspired

As Elvis began to visit us regularly, EJ started to create his own activities for them to do together – like a masking tape zip line across the lounge! This was something EJ played with for quite a while actually, and I loved how his imagination had begun to come into play.

The Main Event

I think my favourite activity of the ones we’ve done so far was writing The Letter.

EJ is very clear about what he would like this year.

On the list we have:

  • A Spiderman Bike
  • Two Nerf Guns
  • A Robot
  • A White Kitchen

And you know, that’s all fine unless of course Father Christmas happened to have already spotted a sweet deal on a kitchen that wasn’t actually white, bought it and stashed it at his mother’s house… what would Father Christmas do then?

Asking hypothetically, of course…

Design Bundles also sent us a Festive scavenger hunt sheet. We did ours as part of an evening dog walk, but the best thing we found wasn’t actually on the list! There is a house not far from ours where the residents have gone all out on Christmas decorations this year. On top of that, they actually dress up each evening as Christmas Characters for local kids to go along and have their photograph taken. How sweet is that! They did have a collection bucket, which we would have contributed to regardless of what it was for, but rather than asking for donations towards the electricity bill the collection was for charity – definitely earning some good karma points there!

Family time

We are so enjoying these moments of time together, and we’ve come to look forward to completing them in the evenings each day. I’m really grateful to Design Bundles for the inspiration! To keep up with more of our antics with Elvis, and in general, please come and connect with us on our Instagram account – we’d love to see you there!

Ahh, it feels good to be writing again. If you enjoyed this post please consider subscribing to the blog so you get new posts right to your inbox. I’m changing tack this year and the blog will be moving in a more eco/education direction so I would really value your ideas around what you’d like to see here.

Take care, and have a beautiful, wonderous, festive season.

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