How To Encourage Your Child To Play Sports

As a mum, it’s worrying when I turn on the news or look online and see all these reports about child obesity. They say our kids aren’t eating properly and that they’re not getting enough exercise, which is causing a major health problem in the nation. It gets me to make even more of an effort to ensure my kids are healthy and active. I know I can make them eat well by only cooking healthy dinners for them. It’s the active side of things that a lot of parents will struggle with, as kids like being indoors and playing video games or watching TV. I put a lot of thought into this, and I think I’ve managed to come up with some great ideas to help encourage your kids to play sports and be more active.

Reward Them For Their Efforts

Children, bless them, they’re very simple beings with very simple minds at times. Often, all it takes to get them to do something is the promise of a reward. You could encourage them to join a sports team and promise that they get a little reward after training or matches. This could be something simple like a very small bag of sweets, or maybe a trip to their favourite park? Alternatively, if you have a look on, you can buy little trophies for kids. Maybe handing them a nice trophy at the end of their season will encourage them to play sports and get involved? You don’t have to give rewards all the time, but the promise of one every month or at the end of the year can get them to join a team.

Restrict Their Indoor Entertainment

It’s never nice to stop or prevent your child from doing something. Mainly because you feel like they hate you. But, you have to be strong and make the decision, and you’ll see the benefits in the future. Here, the idea is to restrict their indoor entertainment. In other words, stop them from using the computer or playing video games. By doing so, you gently force them outside and encourage them to play sports. In fact, it says on that kids should only play 2 hours of video games a week, so you shouldn’t feel bad for doing this. Now, you’ve got a bargaining position with your child. If you play sports once or twice a week, you earn the right to play your video games. It’s a simple proposal, and children will do anything to play their Xbox.

Play With Them

Often, the best way to get your child to do something is to do it with them. Go outside to the park or back garden and kick a football around. Or, go to your local tennis courts and play with them there. It’s a great way to go out and have fun with your child while getting them to play sports too. They might become interested, and will want to join a team to play regularly!

Give my advice a try if you’re a bit worried about the health of your children. Encourage them to play sports, and you guarantee they’re getting a few hours of exercise every week.

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