Festival Safety


We go to family friendly festivals as we’ve always got the kids with us, but even at those there’s always one person who’s had one too many shandies, has stripped down to the waist (thankfully no further) despite the rain and can be found snoozing in a puddle. I can see how it’s easy to have a little more than you perhaps should when the music is great, the sun is shining and everyone is having a great time, but most of us can reign in the drinking once we hit a certain point.

But I won’t ever be that mud settler I describe. Even without the children, I am always cautious and I’m very careful not to drink too much or get too much sun if it’s a hot day. Although we love rock music, I wouldn’t be heading into the mosh pits either because if I were to fall or be pushed over and people didn’t stop (which they most likely wouldn’t), I don’t want to cut my day short with a broken leg, thank you very much. Being at these places with Ted does make me feel slightly safer, but if I was on my own I think I’d be even more aware of the risks.

If you’re a braver girl (or boy) than me though and you’re off to a festival by yourself, please do read up on safety tips for single festival goers, even if you only spend five minutes doing so. Pryers Solicitors have put together some really useful ones and they’ve included things that hadn’t actually crossed my mind.

In general I have always found festivals to be places where the atmosphere is great, the people are friendly and the queues are long, but the latter is bearable as long as the sun is shining and the bands are loud! Are you off to a festival this summer? Have you already been to one? I’d love for you to share a favourite festival photo over on my Facebook page!


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