Formby Point

Which do you prefer, the forest or the beach?

Well, it doesn’t actually matter when you visit Formby Point, as we discovered when we visited earlier in the year.

follow the leader

As you leave your car in the car park and head into the woods, keep an eye out for red squirrels! These beautiful little creatures are far less common than their grey cousins and Formby Point is known for its red haired inhabitants. In addition, there are a whole host of other creatures regularly spotted here including some beautiful wild birds.


Wrap up warm unless its a beautiful day, because a visit to Formby is usually a windy one. That doesn’t stop it from being a wonderfully interesting place though, with lots to do and huge areas to explore.

Once you’re explored the woods, you absolutely must wander through the sand dunes. The wildlife here has been known to include the nocturnal Natterjack Toad, the colourful Sand Lizard, the fascinating Northern Dune Tiger Beetle and the Dune Helleborine.


If you’d like more information about Formby, visit the National Trust website. There are always different events going on up and down the country no matter what the time of year and I personally think that membership is great value for money.

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