Four hobbies your kids will love

Having hobbies can enrich our lives and relieve stress – even Mark Zuckerberg, creator of the Facebook empire, has spoken about how important they are for young people! When you find the right hobby to engage them with, it can show passion, leadership, and a commitment to improve. So, hobbies can instil in them important life skills that will be useful for them in future! Plus, it will encourage them to get out and about and make new friends, which could be more valuable than just staying in front of the television screen.

Here are four exciting activities to explore that might inspire your kids to take up a new hobby:

Playing Football

If your kids seem to have an abundance of energy, joining a football team might help them focus it in a better way. Not only does it help them learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship and teamwork, it gets them outdoors for an hour or two on a Saturday morning and encourages them to exercise! My boys have been playing football since they could kick a ball and it takes up much of our lives, but they get so much out of it that we don’t mind being ruled by it one bit!


Some consider skating to be an art form and there’s a strong youth culture around the skill. This can be seen in the huge variety of skateboards on the market; just one look at the Skate Hut range and you see hundreds of different sizes, styles and designs! There’s certain to be something that catches your children’s eye there. As well as being a fun skill for kids to learn, skateboarding has plenty of health benefits too. It requires movement, balance and control – almost a full body workout!

Learning Guitar

Learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of patience and dedication, but it’s incredibly rewarding once they’ve mastered their first song. It can help to improve their coordination and motor skills as they practice how to hold chords and strum at the same time. Learning an instrument is also said to improve academic skills too, as understanding rhythm, beat and scales in music can help with maths skills.

Street Dance

A bit more contemporary than ballet or tap lessons, street dance might capture the attention of your kids more than the traditional dance lessons you send your kids to. It requires plenty of movement, which will keep your kids fit and it can act as a form of stress release, helping to improve behaviour at school too. Since Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, the popularity of street dance has boomed and it’s a great skill for your kids to learn.

If you’re looking for a hobby that your kids can get involved with, consider our four suggestions – these activities have more benefits than just keeping your kids busy and it could help them develop important skills for the future.

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