I posted last week about The Good Life Experience in Hawarden, Wales. We had a great weekend there as a family and would highly recommend it to friends. To read about everything that was on offer over the weekend, nip over to my previous blog post. It would’ve been too much to include our highlights within the same post, so here they are:


My six year old is a fearless dare devil. If there’s an element of danger to an activity he’s the first to volunteer. So axe throwing and archery were two of Rowan’s favourite activities at The Good Life Experience.

He did also listen intently to Michael Morpurgo telling the tale of The Rainbow Bear, despite not being able to actually see Michael on the stage. Keeping the attention of a child who can’t see you is a skill in itself!


The Good Life Experience 14archery




A slightly more cautious child than his younger sibling, Louis enjoyed the funfair, learning how to saw a tree trunk and meeting ‘that man off the telly’. I’m sure Ben Fogle was as pleased to meet us as we were to meet him really!




My favourite elements of The Good Life Experience were the live music, the food and just the general laid back, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I didn’t get many food photos since the boys were having such a good time they barely stayed still long enough to inhale it, but we had wild boar burgers on the Saturday and Margherita pizza on the Sunday. I tried a hand made, black pudding scotch egg from the farm shop too which was delicious.

The live music on every stage was great, but I particularly enjoyed sitting outside the Black Cow Saloon. Sunshine, guitar and a crisp, cold cider – what’s not to love?




Although we all enjoyed different things about being at The Good Life Experience, I think we all agree that the most fun part was watching the boys dance to the jazz music! (Thanks to The Shirt Tail Stompers!)

To be at The Good Life Experience 2017, head over to the Pedlars website now and grab your tickets.



  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic time – I love that there was something for all the family to enjoy. And how cool that you got to hear (if not see) Michael Morpurgo telling a story!

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. We’ve never been to a festival before, but this looks great. We’ve done stuff in Sherwood Forest area and done archery which my boys loved. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Sounds like loads of fun and that there was something for everyone to enjoy. Food sounds amazing. You’re right there is nothing better than live music, sunshine and a cold cider 😉

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