Just So Festival: Saturday

Our Saturday at Just So was as enjoyable as the Friday evening, only we got to cram even more fun into the day!

After a leisurely breakfast at the tent, Squidge and I kicked off the fun with a bit of painting. When I say a bit of painting, I actually mean stripping my baby down to his vest and sending him off onto a huge paper covered floor with plates of paint dotted about the place. The Peekaboo area was wholly dedicated to the smaller festival goers and there was something to do for even the smallest of babies. Squidge had SO much fun with The Red Hand Gang and Hands in Song.

Something that really stood out for me as a mum with a baby were the facilities available for us. Three tents stood opposite the main Weleda tent; one for feeding, one baby change and one bathing tent. As you can imagine, the bathing tent was particularly popular after the painting session!

The bigger boys made a beeline for the forest first thing and set to making a den with their friends. By the end of the Sunday the den was a real group effort, with other kids joining in and even a couple of dads too!

Once the painting and den making were done for the morning, we headed over to the Footlights stage to catch the second half of the brilliant Thingamabob and the Thingumajigs – we’d chosen ‘AO’ as our favourite track from the Just So album on the way to the festival so we really wanted to make sure we caught them on stage.

Have a listen to their music here.

Lunch time was another delight with so many vendors to choose from. I had chicken and chorizo paella from Las Paelleras. At £7 a portion the prices were in line with the other vendors and the portion was enough to fill me up. The boys snubbed any notion of healthier foods (we’re on holiday Mum!) and opted for crepes with nutella and strawberries. Yum!

In the afternoon we milled around, taking in the entertainment and soaking up the atmosphere. There were street entertainers, music acts one after the other, workshops, bushcraft, foraging, craft, art and so much more.

As the evening rolled around we found ourselves back around the campfire – our favourite place to be throughout the entire weekend. We’d bought a festival trolley (absolute bargain at £20 from the Asda sale!) and Squidge was really happy in it with his blankets, toys and lion ears!

Things we didn’t manage to do on the Saturday were the jelly fight and the rowing boats on the lake. The lovely people from Rudyard Lake brought their boats over and festival visitors could relax on the water, enjoying a hiatus of tranquility amongst the chaotic festivities.

We finished our day a bit earlier on the Saturday as Squidge didn’t settle very well on the first night. An earlier night for the baby turned out to be a good idea as he ended up sleeping through without any issues. The bigger boys were more hardcore though and it was almost 10.30pm by the time we persuaded them to go to bed. They really wanted to go to the midnight feast but they were completely shattered. If we are able to return next year, the Midnight Feast will be at the top of our to do list.

Another wonderfully magical day for all.

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  1. How come you missed the jelly Fight? My 8 year old went with his Dad and they loved it, but I don’t remember what I was up to at the time! I didn’t much fancy it though, I’ll stick to the pillows 😀

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