Making a Trip to London Cost-Effective

Everyone should visit London at some point in their lives, especially if you already live in the United Kingdom. After all, it’s the capital city! It’s really not all too surprising that it attracts millions of visitors on an annual basis. There’s so much to see and so much to do that you will often find that its own inhabitants haven’t even managed to get around all of the major tourist attractions that it has to offer. Now, one downside of this major city is that it is renowned for attaching a large price tag to almost everything within its vicinity. But luckily, there are ways to cut costs all around, making a trip a little more cost effective. Here are a few tricks that you might like to consider!

Stay a Little Further Out of Town

Perhaps the best way to save a lot of money when visiting this major city is to stay outside of central. Now, there are perks that come hand in hand with staying in central, but the massive price tags that are attached to rooms in North London often aren’t justified by these. Instead, consider staying somewhere like a bed and breakfast a little further out. You can rest away from the hustle and bustle of a city that operates throughout the night, start the day with a cooked breakfast to fuel you up, then travel in to experience London without paying London prices!


Make Use of Public Transport

Now, it’s always a little confusing getting from A to B in any new place. But when you’re in a place that is as busy as London, many of us feel so overwhelmed with unfamiliar transport options that we end up hailing down a taxi and jumping in instead. But taxis in the city are notorious for high fares. Walking isn’t always an option, as things can sometimes look a lot closer together on a map than they actually are. So, instead, make use of the brilliant public transport network that the capital has to offer! Download specialist apps such as Citymapper. This is the easiest way to decide whether you’d be better off taking the bus or tube. All you have to do is input your current location and your intended destination. It will then offer you all of the different ways to get there, including predicted journey time, total journey cost, and where to catch the bus from or which platform your tube will alight from! Remember that London public transport doesn’t accept cash, so make sure to have a contactless debit or credit card at hand or a preloaded Oyster card.

Visit Museums

The majority of museums in London are free to visit. While there’s the option to make a donation to the institution at the door, the exhibits are generally unticketed, and anyone can walk in and have a great day out for free. So consider the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, and the TATE!

These are just a few different ways that you can make the most of London while keeping prices minimal and manageable! So, start planning your trip today!

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