Memories of Morocco

As the warm, comforting flavours of my Glorious! Moroccan Spiced Chicken soup envelop my taste buds on this grey, wet Manchester day, I close my eyes and imagine myself back under the warmth of the beautiful Moroccan sunshine…


I’ve never experienced a place quite like Morocco. The unique mix of culture, hospitality and oh so amazing food is phenomenal.

This was the second time I had gone away on holiday without my children (shock, horror!). A few days in the sun is my very welcome break from all the ‘mum stuff’ I do. As a stay at home mum I do tend to get stuck with the every day tasks that go hand in hand with bringing up children and those few days away are my annual sanctuary.

Breathtaking views, luxurious spa hotels and the excitement of the beautifully filled souks are just some of the wonderful memories conjured by the mention of the word Morocco.


All of those things made an impact on me during my visit, but something we hadn’t prepared ourselves for was the food. We’d gone all inclusive and I’ve learned from experience that although the food is always quite acceptable, cooking for masses of people when you don’t know what they’re going to want to eat doesn’t guarantee the highest quality. Heck, if I’m feeding more than 4 I get in a tizz!

I was blown away by the food in our Moroccan hotel though. We planned our days around the food it was that good!



Despite being all inclusive on our break, Emma and I thought it only right that we should venture out to a public restaurant and try the food there. At Plage Bleue, right by the clear blue sea, I had the most amazing Lamb Tagine. I’ve tried a few times to recreate it at home but of course it’s never as good!

It wasnt just the food that captured my heart in Morocco. During our stay, Emma and I went on a guided tour which included sightseeing at the largest mosque in the area, learning about the growing Argan oil trade, sampling the most delicious home made treats and visiting the Kasbah.

And yes, we totally rocked it.


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