Enjoy Your First Family Highland Fling

Now that the craziness of the festive season has been packed away for another year; you’re probably getting the kids back into some sort of routine so that they can get into the swing of school and family life again (without the Christmas tree). Sometimes January can feel a little bleak because all the decorations have come down, and the UK isn’t known for its great weather at this time of year. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to make some plans so that you and the kids have a variety of things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Nothing gets everyone buzzing quite like a family getaway, especially if it’s an adventure to somewhere new. With an abundance of things to offer young families; Scotland should be your next port of call together, as you’ll never be stuck for something to enjoy when you arrive.
With its own cultures, traditions, scenery, and history that are so specific to Scotland; you’ll feel like you’ve travelled further than just north of the UK. Now is the time to get out your notebook and pen, and write down the places, sights, and activities that you feel you and the rest of your family will love during the next school holidays, or perhaps later in the year (when it’s a little warmer). The following are some ideas for those who want to embrace their first family highland fling together and enjoy a jam-packed getaway for some lovely memory making ahead.

The Open Countryside

Scotland is renowned for its beautiful landscape and scenery, and there is number of great road trip options that would be perfect for families. A motorhome or campervan would be an affordable and fun way to get around the rolling hills and countryside, so you could rent one before you arrive, and begin an adventure to remember.
Whether you choose to head around the coastal areas of Scotland, visit some of its famous Lochs (you might catch that monster), or you’d prefer to head inland over the hills to see the highland cows; having your own mobile home and transport will be key to your enjoyment of the trip. You can stock up on snacks and make sure that you have plenty of games, the right clothing, and comfortable footwear, and you’ll gain some brilliant family
memories that will last you and your little ones a lifetime.

Inner City Fun

Cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen will offer a family a plethora of activities to do and sights to see.
Make sure you make a list of any festivals, attractions, or even kid-friendly places to eat before you get there, and you’ll be able to make the most of your city escape. If a whole week in the city with your kids scares you a bit; make them a day trip, or just stay for a couple of nights. You have the whole of Scotland to enjoy, so as long as you have adequate transport options; you don’t have to tie yourselves down to one place for longer than you want.

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