Nature Bingo

Today is the first of June and therefore the first day of our #30DaysWild adventure, and we started with Nature Bingo.

Bingo 1
Excited to begin our #30DaysWild adventures

I saw a tweet about #30DaysWild a few weeks ago and signed up for the free pack they were offering to participants to help them get out into the wild and appreciate the natural world around them. The idea is that we do one thing each day in celebration or appreciation of our wild environments and our natural world, in the hope that by the end of the month we are more aware and appreciative of our wild spaces.

You don’t have to live in the countryside or travel far to take part. We live in a fairly large town and will be undertaking many of our activities on the doorstep – sometimes literally.

Today, we started our #30DaysWild with Nature Bingo. I actually won this game last year as part of a bundle of camping gear, but just for you I have managed to find it available to buy online from Wonderlings.UK – tell them I sent you! However, a home made nature bingo game would be a great rainy day activity ready to use the next time you’re able to get out and play!

Bingo 4
Very proud of himself for finding a spider!

Being up and out before 9am meant that we could take a walk around our local area and try to find every item on the boys’ boards. We had to find a range of nature related items including birds, different types of leaves, spiders and ants, dandelions, rocks, snails and much!

Bingo 5
Even pigeons count as wildlife!

Some were trickier than others to find, which I guess is to be expected depending on the time of year you play. What we soon discovered was that much of what we were looking for was right under our noses – some of it could even be found in our tiny front garden. Like snails, for example!

Bingo 2
Snails by our front door (on a main road in a town) prove that wildlife is everywhere

We weren’t able to find everything on the boys’ nature bingo boards but we did do quite well, scoring 6 and 7 out of nine during our short walk. I’m sure that if we had ventured into a bigger space or the day had been warmer we may have been lucky enough to spot a butterfly but as far as the boys are concerned, their Nature Bingo game was a great success!

Bingo 3
Even a neighbour’s overgrown garden provided nature spotting opportunities

Join in with #30DaysWild for yourself by visiting their website or catching up with them on twitter.



    • It always amazes me how close we are to nature. Even in a fairly built up area we are only a short distance from some really tranquil places. 🙂

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