Our Lost Boys Photoshoot

One rainy day we were invited by DJ Archer Photography to be involved in a Lost Boys themed photo shoot for our two boys and two other beautiful boys we know, who belong to Jenny from The Brick Castle. Although the day started off dry, by the time the shoot was about to start the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we were up against some pretty grim conditions. The boys didn’t care too much and were very good, though we did need a thorough thawing out by the time we’d finished!

DJ Archer Photography is based in Bolton, Lancashire and we went along to Smithills Woods in Bolton for the shoot which is just up the road from us and perfect for this kind of. Photographer husband and wife team Danny and Lizz were truly fantastic with the boys. They have an abundance of patience and enthusiasm and are brimming with great ideas for different shots and poses.

We started off with some cheeky little mug shots. I was amazed at how different Louis in particular looked in these shots as oppose to the ones I take with my phone! The ones of Rowan really sum up his personality wonderfully.

 mug shot collage


The scene was set complete with gold treasure, a ‘den’ and props, making them ready for WAR! It’s amazing how such simple props can help to create a fantastic photograph. I definitely picked up one or two tips that day, though my photo skills are still pretty naff …

I love the look on Louis’ face here against the tree. I’m not sure if he was pretending to be terrified or just freezing cold but it worked!

(You’ll note that Green Team got their own back after the ‘apple incident’!)

apple trio


The boys had great fun in their makeshift den, which Lizz put up (she’s not just a pretty face you know!). There was a lot of ‘den guarding’ by my two, followed by some all out pretend war between the two tribes – all over some chocolate bars. It’s amazing what matters to small people isn’t it!

It’s difficult to keep children entertained at the best of times and if I’m honest I was a bit worried that they might get fed up with being put into ‘scenes’ and being asked to pose for various photos, especially if they were asked to re-do the same shots, but amazingly they were great. I think that was partly to ensure their chocolatey reward and partly because Lizz and Danny treated them like they were the stars of the day.

den trio


Both Lizz and Danny were a pleasure to work with. The boys all enjoyed themselves despite the weather and we can’t wait to do it again. Looking through these photographs you can’t actually tell how miserable the day was, which I think demonstrates perfectly how a good photographer can work with your photographs and make them truly special.

I’d recommend them for a shoot like this, but I’ve also seen some of the other styled shoots they’ve done – such as this one, based on a Teddy Bears Picnic theme, and featuring the lovely little lady Gibby from Water Birth Please.

If you were to have a photo shoot, what would you do with it? Would it be a quiet, smiley, family portrait kind of affair or would you go for something a little bit different? The thing I particularly love about this collection of photographs is that you really capture the boys’ emptions on their faces. There are no fake smiles or forced poses which I think is lovely.

I think I’d like a memoir of this day on a canvas, but I’m not sure I could choose just one (or just 3) photographs – it would definitely have to be a collage!


    • It does look fun doesn’t it! There were tears and tantrums on the day but you wouldn’t know it would you?!

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