Packing for a day out walking

We often go for reasonably long walks with the kids. Either to explore a new place, to learn something new or simply to blow away the cobwebs. Wherever we go, we take necessary supplies with us. If we’re just walking around the local country park we don’t take much, but if we’re going slightly further afield or off the beaten track a bit then we pack a little smarter.

I’m not suggesting we need to take a full wilderness survival kit or anything, but some simple supplies are always a good idea. This is an example of what we would take.


Probably the most important thing to take with you on a walk is water. For hydration or for cleaning any scraped knees, water is always a necessity for your day pack.

Charged phone

For GPS, photos and emergency calls.

Packed Lunch

It’s a great thing to get to the top of a big hill or the half way point of a long walk and sit down for some lunch together. Sandwiches taste really good when you’ve worked hard for them!


Phone batteries aren’t the most reliable these days, so a map is a good idea too. Perhaps not all that important if you’re walking around the nature reserve but on walks a bit further afield they might be useful!

Snacks for the journey

Eating something which releases slow burning energy is a great idea on a walk, for both adults and children. Not only does it give the little ones sustained energy, it also distracts them and breaks the walk up a little bit, so there isn’t as much ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ to be heard! We were recently sent some samples of Real Handful snacks which went down a treat with everyone.

Basic First Aid Kit

I must say that we have never had to use the first aid kit aside from a plaster or two on the kids, but I keep it updated and it stays in the bottom of the walking bag wherever we go. You just never know and it’s always better to be prepared!

Miscellaneous items

Other things we might add to the bag would be water and poo bags for the dog if she was coming with us (she has a water bottle with a fold away tray), some money, a field guide relevant to the kind of place we were heading, sun cream, sun hat or woolly hat, trekking poles if the walk requires it, and gloves depending on the weather (sometimes both seem a good idea knowing British weather!).

A good family walk can clear away all kinds of problems and you can return in a better mood, maybe with fresh eyes to look at tricky homework or feeling more ready to tackle that ironing pile. Now the weather’s being good to us there’s no better time to lace up your boots and get outdoors!

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