Peregrine Falcon webcam

Day 15: Looking at the Peregrine Falcon

On day 15 of #30DaysWild I was looking for some inspiration. Luckily, the #30DaysWild campaign has a handy little app which came up trumps by suggesting I watch a wild webcam.


I found a brilliant one atop Derby Cathedral watching Peregrine Falcons, and spend a considerable amount of time watching these magnificent birds of prey doing… well not much actually!

I returned to the webcam later in the day though to see them feeding, which was great to watch. The bird in the bottom corner actually has some dinner there behind him but it was difficult to get a clear screen grab of it.


Peregrine Falcons are amazing creatures. They can reach speeds unsurpassed by any other animal, they catch their prey in mid air and they are quite simply breathtaking to watch. With a wingspan of up to 1 metre and their sophisticated slate grey colouring, Peregrine Falcons are wonderful to watch. They’ve adapted well to life in urban areas too, preying on common pigeons which tend to be present in abundance in built up areas.

More information

There are a couple of good Peregrine Falcon webcams to watch, if you’d like. Try the one I’ve taken the screenshot from at Derby Cathedral or this one at Norwich Cathedral.

If you’re also interested in facts and figures, The Wildlife Trusts have a great information page here.

What is your favourite animal and why? Do you have an interesting fact to share about it?

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