Review: BRIO Light & Sound Garbage Truck

I have a real soft spot for BRIO toys, and I love that their range has grown so much over the years. The latest BRIO toy we have been sent to review is the BRIO Light & Sound Garbage Truck. Squidge is almost two and a half now but the truck is suitable for little people aged 18 months and over.

As I have come to expect from BRIO, the quality of the garbage truck is excellent. Made from sustainable materials, these sturdy and timeless vehicles are really built to last. They are robust, and simply but perfectly designed. The bright colours are fun and inviting, and the designs are ergonomically designed for little hands.

As well as the truck, the box also contains a driver and two pieces of recycling. Squidge loves to post them through the holes in the back of the truck and then tip the recycling out again.

The back of the truck tips back and the rear door opens too, so there is plenty of opportunity to practise fine motor skills as Squidge plays.

The button on top of the BRIO garbage truck makes a noise which is always pleasing for Squidge. It’s a simple beep, not so loud that you would be driven to distraction by it but plenty loud enough for someone who is playing up close with it.

The lights flash alongside the sounding of the beep and the vehicle takes two small batteries which are included.

The two metal parts on the front of the BRIO Light and Sound Garbage Truck look a bit like headlights, but they must look like they ought to be magnetic to Squidge because he keeps trying to attach the blocks to them!

There is a whole range of BRIO toys similar to this one, called My Home Town. The prices vary, with smaller pieces being priced from around ten pounds.

Thanks to BRIO for sending Squidge the Light and Sound Garbage Truck for the purpose of this review.

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