Review: Dining with kids at Nando’s

Our latest restaurant review was somewhere I love going – Nando’s. The boys have been to our local branch but never to the branch at intu Trafford Centre, which is where we were sent to review.

Ordering your food at Nando’s is a bit different in that you are seated, you peruse the menu and then you go up to the counter to order, much like a pub and less like a restaurant. This means you can order as quickly as you like or take your time over your choice – not a bad thing with children who are either ravenous or can’t decide.

There are crayons and colouring pages available for youngsters and the staff gave balloons out to children while we were there too, which kept mine very happy.

Nandos 1

Louis asked for some Peri-Peri nuts from the appeteasers menu, which arrived before Ted had returned to the table from ordering – now that’s quick! I did wonder if they’d be too spicy for him but although they had a bit of a kick, everyone tried them and agreed that they were lovely.

I also ordered an appeteaser of red pepper dip & pitta. There was enough for us all to try it and it was a resounding success.

Nandos 3


Nandos 2

There isn’t much of a wait for food at Nando’s it’s almost like high quality fast food really, except it arrives on a nice plate and not a cardboard box! The food order was brought to the table within about 5 minutes and was hot, the order was correct and the chicken was full of that lovely signature Nando’s flavour.

The boys and I all opted for ‘medium’ heat on our chicken but Ted went for extra hot – he’s braver than me!

For main courses, the boys both opted for the chicken wings, corn on the cob and garlic bread. I think Louis’ face says it all in the photo – it was tasty!

Nandos 4

Louis said that the best thing about his visit to Nando’s was that the soft drinks are refillable. I suspect that’s because we strictly limit the amount of fizzy drinks they have, but I agree that it helps when dining with kids because they seem to guzzle their drinks down before you say ‘refill’ when we’re out for a meal.

He also recommends the garlic bread because ‘it’s really good and a funny shape’.

Nandos 6

I am inclined to agree, though I’m not sure the shape makes much difference!

None of us had dessert because we were so full from our meal, but the children’s meal comes with an optional dessert or drink. The boys both opted for the drink.


*Disclosure: we were invited to Nando’s in order to give our feedback on our experience. All views are our own.

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