Review: Zoomer Chimp from Spin Master

Your life isn’t fully complete until you have a pet chimp, right?

Well luckily for you, Spinmaster have provided the solution to your chimp-sized hole in your life.


We have tried out an assortment of robotic toys over the years and they’ve always been pretty mediocre to be honest. That’s why we haven’t bought any for the last couple of years. They are always one of the more expensive items on the kids’ wishlists and when you’re spending a significant amount of money on something, you really don’t want the novelty to wear off after a couple of days.

I was hoping for more with Zoomer Chimp. I got more.

This funny little robot creature is brilliant. Voice and gesture controlled, bilingual and fun? Check, check, and double check.


This chimp can dance, talk ‘chimp talk’, follow you and, to the endless amusement of my kids, he even farts and burps. Furthermore he does tricks, shows emotion and will guard you from potential attackers!

I think the feature I like the most is the voice control. There are ten commands which will each prompt one of several responses. For example, you can tell Zoomer Chimp to dance and he will – but you could see any one of several different dance moves he knows. There is no boring short loop repetition with this toy, you just don’t know which response your voice command will trigger.

Charging and battery life

Zoomer Chimp has an on/off switch at the back and can be set to English or German. He also has a rechargeable battery and is charged via the cable (supplied). No plug is supplied so it either needs to be charged via a computer or use the wall adapter that’s attached to your phone charger. We have USB sockets at home so we used that and the Zoomer Chimp took around 90 minutes to charge the first time and around an hour after that. The eyes are blue when charging and when fully charged they turn green.


From fully charged, Zoomer Chimp can be used for around 30 minutes before he needs charging again. I think that is the only negative point to this review – we genuinely love everything about him!

Appearance and durability

I always worry about how long toys will last. They have to be pretty robust to withstand the older two and their mates playing with them. We have bought toys before at a ‘bargain’ price and they’re falling to pieces on the first day, which only causes tears! So I’m a believer that if you want to buy something that lasts, you need to pay for good quality. I was pleased to discover that good quality comes as standard for this little chimp. His body is made of hard plastic and his animated face is a softer, more flexible material. Both are wipe clean (please don’t bath him!). Zoomer Chimp has wheels for feet and can amazingly stand up on the back two, given the command ‘stand up.’.


Zoomer Chimp is on sale in the UK now and has an RRP of Β£119.99 and is available from all the usual toy retailers.


  1. Catherine

    I love that this chimp is bilingual and that he surprises you with different moves. Sounds like great entertainment for Christmas Day!


  2. Becca Farrelly

    This looks fab and I know it would be something well used in our house! Its eyes are a bit weird but apart from that, looks impressive! πŸ™‚


  3. Natasha Mairs

    I’ve been thinking about getting this for my youngest as his main present. Looks really good. Oh, and I love that you have usb wall sockets, need to get some of those #TriedTested

  4. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    they look super cool and a really exciting present #TriedTested

  5. Life as Mum

    My girls would love thi for Christmas! It looks great.

  6. MaFt (Fat Dad) from Oscar's Reviews

    We’ve been getting around 20-25 minutes of play from a full charge. So yes, I agree that the battery is an issue. Strangely, all the other reviews I’ve seen and people have spoken to have said they got around an hour :/ I wonder if it’s an issue with the UK stock…?


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