Snow Day Toddler Activities


Lots of children love to play in the snow, but playing out in the cold is only sustainable for a certain period of time when you’re small (or when you’re a grown up, in my case.)

Not wanting to let our snow themed day come to an end, we decided to set up a snow day play area in the kitchen for my two year old.

A simple activity that took no more than ten minutes to set up, our snow-themed tuff spot was a success with not only the toddler but the bigger kids too.

My two year old had a Paw Patrol Advent calendar last year which created a cute little winter scene, so we used some of the pieces from that, along with some random things the toddler wanted to play with, and made a little snowy town. Let’s pretend the large snowman has been retrieved from the loft and not found still hiding on a bookshelf 2 months after Christmas…

The fake snow is an incredible substance from Zimpli Kids called SnoBall Play, and it’s essentially a substance called Sodium Polyacrylate, AKA Waterlock; an odourless, tasteless powder which absorbs hundreds of times it’s own weight in water. An excellent thing to introduce to a home ed topic on water retention for the bigger boys soon, I think.

So we get mixing, and within 5 minutes the boys have very easily mixed 2.8 litres of water into two packs of SnoBall Play – and we have our fake snow! The kids played for a while with this set up – the texture is really weird! The bigger boys are so good with their younger brother, acting out scenes with the Paw Patrol dogs and making him laugh.

The other element to our snow day play was some snowy picture colouring. We’re really focusing on mark making with the two year old lately, and he loves his big chunky crayons. I needed some simple, themed colouring sheets and these free to download pages from Hodge Podge Days are absolutely perfect. I’ve recently bought a wireless printer and I’m still ridiculously impressed at how easy it is to print of worksheets from my phone.

So all in all, our snow day tuff spot was a great success – and much warmer than staying outside even longer!

What have you been up to during this snowy weather?

We were sent some SnoBall Play free of charge to try with the kids.

Some info on SnoBall Play:

1 Box of SnoBall Play contains;
2 x 20g Bag of SnoBall Play Powder

Makes 30+ SnoBalls

RRP – £2.99

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