Spooktacular! with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Last week we went to see the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with the boys. Having never taken the children to see an orchestra before I really wasn’t sure how much they would enjoy it. The performance was advertised as being 60 minutes long and I thought that would probably be enough really. It’s a long time for a seven year old to sit quietly, listening to music he doesn’t know.

What I actually found was that the boys had an absolutely wonderful time watching the Liverpool Philharmonic! There were pieces they recognised and some they hadn’t heard before. The ones they knew, such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the ever popular ‘Ghostbusters’, had them bopping in their seats (and out of them!). Pieces they didn’t know were equally entertaining as we watched a ghost story unfold on the screen above the stage, while the orchestra delivered the perfect soundtrack to go alongside it.

The Spooky Stage

Another piece was brilliantly interactive as the audience were asked to scream, wail and moan throughout the performance. Our ‘parts’ were prompted on screen and the children loved being a part of it all.

Throw in a percussion playing skeleton, a creaking trapdoor and some so-bad-they’re good Halloween jokes from presenter Alasdair Malloy and an ultra talented orchestra, expertly led by Kevin Field, and you have yourself an excellent hour (or just over) or great entertainment.

There were many highlights for me. Seeing the boys so engaged in the type of show I would never have experienced as a child was almost magical for me. I love to see them experience new things and find joy in them. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is considering it to take their children to one of the Liverpool Philharmonic’s family shows. It’s a fantastic way to introduce children to live classical music.

Before the show we took the boys to the ‘Instrument Petting Zoo’ where they tried out the trumpet and the violin. I can safely say that the violin won’t be either of the boys’ instrument of choice, but Badger did quite enjoy the trumpet!

All vampire bats play the violin, right?

We were invited to a post-show gathering too where we enjoyed a Halloween-themed buffet and another chance to try to Instrument Petting Zoo. There was also the opportunity to speak to some musicians but the event was quite busy and I didn’t manage to get an opportunity. That didn’t detract at all from our experience though.

A snapshot of the after party

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the Philharmonic Hall and we wouldn’t hesitate to take the children to another of their family shows. All show listings can be found on their website.

Upcoming shows include Peter and the Wolf by Alexander Armstrong and Sing-a-long with Santa – both of which are set to sell out so be quick if you want to book. Please do look at the What’s On section of the Liverpool Philharmonic website though as there is so much to choose from, and something suitable for all ages.

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