Teletubbies Toy Range 2016

I promised you a look at the new toy range to accompany the return of Teletubbies to our screens, and here it is!


Teletubby Toys are back!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the brightly coloured group of friends we grew up with has made a comeback and now there are a great range of toys too; the first new range in 19 years.

Last month I received a brief to let me know that I was to receive a selection from the range including each of the four Teletubbies, but what was in the box would be a complete surprise until it arrived.

We received some samples from the range to try out at home. The boys were intrigued by this box filled with multi coloured packages and got to work on opening them straight away.


Inside they found:
A Talking Plush Po (£9.99)
A Supersoft Collectibles Laalaa (£6.99)
Electronic Pull-along Custard Train (£29.99)
Two Deluxe Figures (£3.99 each)


The Po talking plush has to be my favourite if I’m honest. It’s very sweet and the voice does actually sound like the Po character on TV. It is soft and snuggly too, perfect for bedtime cuddles. Pressing Po’s tummy triggers sounds including well known phrases such as ‘again, again!’ and ‘Hello’.


The supersoft plush Laalaa is six inches of cuteness in a cuddly yellow wrapper! Perfect for younger Teletubbies fans and suitable from 18 months.



The Pull-along Custard Train is great fun for little ones, especially new walkers! The train makes noises from the TV show when pulled along, or can be activated by pressing the button on top of the train. All four teletubbies are pulled along, whirling and spinning around as they go.


Finally, we also received two of the figures in the range; Tinky Winky with bag and Dipsy with hat. Great for imaginative play, the figures are big enough for toddlers and even older children to use.


The quality of all the toys is as good as you would expect from such a well known manufacturer as Character. The products are sturdy and well-made, the colours are vibrant and inviting. Little hands will find each ergonomically designed toy easy to get to grips with too.

Toy stores nationwide are now stocking the new range which is available from today.

We received this range of Teletubbies toys in return for our honest review.

Join us on Wednesday 20th January at 1pm for a Teletubbies twitter frenzy!

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