The Garden Project

We have no garden at the back of our house, but we have recently been given the opportunity to make use of an unloved patch of land just behind our back gate. This may look like a sorry state just now, but I can see some great potential! There isn’t a lot of space, but I think over the summer we could really make something of it.

My husband has already cleared the majority of the debris and has strimmed the grass. We’ve replaced the missing panel too. There has been some kind of bonfire in the middle of the grass so it’s damaged there, and we’ll need to work on that.

There’s a patio area (I know you can’t see it but there is one there!) which is perfect for a beautiful bench, and a paddling pool for the boys on those few days a year when the sun makes an appearance!

Something else I’d like, aside from a relaxing place to sit and watch the children play, would be a place for the boys to grow some vegetables. We’ve tried to grow potatoes before with a little success, but I think with more space we could really have some fun with it! The boys really enjoyed helping their Nana out with her plants, so I’m sure they’d love some of their own. There’s a really useful guide to gardening with children on the BBC website which should be really useful for us to look through.

The weather isn’t too bad at the moment so we’re going to carry on working hard on the garden area. It’s a great opportunity for the boys to learn about working hard for rewards too, as they will be contributing to the hard work too. They’ll have an input on how their garden will look and what they’d like to do with it.

Since the garden won’t technically be ours, we’re only really borrowing it, we can’t make major changes. I think we’ll be happy though with a simple garden and small patio area, a raised bed, some lights and a beautiful place to sit.

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