Tips for camping with a baby

Whenever we go camping we play a little game of ‘how much can we squeeze into the car’. We don’t really rough it when we camp. It’s more like glamping really, truth be told. Our tent set up involves electric hook up, a carpet and shelves for clothes.

Imagine then if you will, adding to the already nigh-on ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’ we take by throwing an extra child into the mix – and a baby at that!

Squidge has just turned one and until recently we have just used the motorhome. Since our trip to Just So in July though and my few days’ break with the boys in August, he’s rapidly becoming a tent kinda kid.

What extras do you really need for a small child when camping?


A great big blanket! It’s okay saying that babies should be allowed to crawl around in the field/campsite but frankly there are only so many times I want to remove blades of grass from his mouth. So one of the first things I pack is our huge indoor/outdoor blanket for Squidge to sit on and play with his toys. I also take a smaller, wipe clean mat which is brilliant for taking out with us as it folds up really well and is perfect for picnics.


A portable high chair. Speaking of sitting, there’s no way Squidge is old enough to sit still and sensibly on the aforementioned blanket at meal times.

One thing that never fails to get comments is the Summer Infant Pop n Sit chair we take with us pretty much wherever we go. It’s great for camping but also for picnics or visiting relatives for a meal. It’s even suitable for restaurants when you add the chair safety straps. I recommended it to my sister in law recently when she took her 18 month old son on holiday and she said it was indispensable. It folds up so small too and has it’s own handled bag. So, so useful.

Now everyone gets a proper seat!


A good tog baby sleeping bag. I have a 3.5 tog bag for Squidge because it can really get quite chilly in a tent at night. As for a bed, we have so far had him in-between us on an air bed and sleeping in a festival cart! Don’t forget to also take a favourite teddy, blanket or comforter because the tent will be a real alien environment. A night light is essential for us too because we always leave the landing light on at home so all the children feel better with a small light on overnight.

Sleep tight, little camper


Are you camping with a baby this year? What are your essentials?


  1. Love this post. That little chair is the business, I wish I’d had one of those when my boy was a baby, would have made everything so much easier. Some really great tips here 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. He is the cutest thing ever!! I love the high chair and I salute you lady. I pack heavy for a day trip. Great tips though-especially the blanket

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