Tips on getting a good nights’ sleep when camping

Literally the only thing I struggle with about camping in the tent is sleep. From sleeping on the slimmest air mattress in the world to a double height luxury flocked airbed, I just cannot seem to get adequately comfortable.

The Bed

I have a plan though. The camping forums across the internet reliably inform me that a camp bed is the way forward. In addition, I’m told I also need to add either a 10cm SIM or a mattress topper. For me, I think the mattress topper would be more comfortable but the SIM would take up considerably less space in the boot of the car. I guess I’ll have to just see what we can manage.

Of course, if I’m having a new bed and a new mattress, I really ought to have new bedding too! You can’t beat a lovely groupon bedding deal – it’d be rude not to at those prices!

The temperature

One thing I absolutely hate when camping is waking up in the middle of the night with a freezing cold nose. It happens to me a lot and it’s something that can really make or break me on a camping trip. Warm nose: good sleep: happy Karen. Cold nose: bad sleep: unhappy everyone. You see?

The space

We bought a new tent last year. It’s an inflatable one as oppose to the ones with poles. Although I absolutely adored my Outwell Montana, it had served us well and we ended up upgrading to the new one. Only time will tell whether or not that was a good idea!

In both family sized tents we had/have ample space, but in our pop up or our small poled tent which came backpacking with us, there just wasn’t enough space to get a decent nights’ kip. So when choosing a tent make sure you will be able to fit everyone in comfortably!

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