Ways to Transform Your Home and Garden for Spring

Spring is coming, which makes this a great time to think about home and garden improvements. So, we’re going to look at ways of tidying, smartening and just generally sprucing up your surroundings to get you and your family ready for the warmer weather.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing says ‘fresh’ like a new coat of paint in the right area, and you’d be surprised by just how much of a dramatic change this can make to your home. The first place to start is in your attic, basement or shed, where you might have old tins of paint that you could crack open and use. Paint exterior surfaces, like walls and doors, if the weather allows you to get outside. Paint interior walls and ceilings to transform your living spaces. Don’t forget that the colours of your children’s bedrooms should be chosen with care, with light tones generally being preferred. And remember to have fun, because painting is something that just about everyone enjoys doing.

Inspiring Images

Once you’ve transformed the walls of your home, it might be a good idea to consider what you’re going to put on them. Clocks, paintings and framed photos can really add interest. What you’ll need, if you’re going to do this properly, is a drill from a reliable online retailer. This will allow you to attach your decorations safely to your walls so that the chance of them falling is greatly reduced.

Add Greenery

If you want to add life and colour to your home, another great tip is to have as much foliage as possible inside. Flowers and other types of potted plants can really bring across that spring feeling. If you feel creative you could introduce a cactus or two, or even place an attractive bundle of twigs for decorative effect in the corner of a room.

Trim the Garden

Your outdoor areas should be ready for the fresh growth of the spring season, which means that you should get out there and remove any weeds, cut back any overgrown areas and prune those plants which might flower in the coming months. It’s all about setting up your garden to look its most beautiful once the big freeze of winter is over.

Open the Curtains

This last tip is a reminder that we might all need to change our habits. In winter we usually rely on artificial lights, but as the days become longer we could possibly benefit from keeping those curtains or blinds open during the day. This way we will bring in glorious sunshine, which is both healthy and inspiring.

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